E-mail Marketing Executive Role (Subscriptions)

A full-time job at Bauer Media Group in Peterborough
Posted 17 August 2017, 8.51pm edt

The relevant candidate should be ready to ensure effective implementation of all subscription email and event marketing activity, deliver regular reporting and analysis of email and event marketing performance and develop and implement the upsell communication strategy for lead generation data. The role will involve: E-mail marketing • Delivery of email channel marketing plan and managing the scheduling, testing and deployment of all subscription email campaigns• Briefing data requests, landing page requests, offers to subscription bureau and design agencies.• Own and manage the email templates including updating creative • Responsible for email sends, reporting and analysis of email marketing channel Upsell campaigns • Manage the upsell/reinstate communication for data collected via lead generation activity• As above as well as supporting subscription team with the collection of data using Engage Sciences (or equivalent) platform• Develop automated upsell communications using Responsys (or equivalent) providing triggered email communications to segmented data. Events • Delivery of event channel marketing plan• Manage the event schedule for all lead generation events and testing and deployment of all lead generation offers at events • Briefing event offers to the Brand and Editorial teams and working with them on the show creative• Processing show forms • Briefing offer details to the subscription bureau• Working with our Retention team on tactics for the show • Generating data at events • Reporting and analysis of the event channel Other• To undertake ad-hoc projects in line with company and personal development targets. The role will be based in Peterborough/Media House and may require occasional travel to London/Academic House.

This job closed on 19 August, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.

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