Freelance Creative Copywriter

A freelance and contract creative job at Red Apple Creative in London
Posted 1 September 2017, 11.11am edt

Red Apple Creative Freelance Copywriter

The Company

Red Apple Creative is a fast paced content agency specialising in multi-platform campaigns for radio, Spotify and digital platforms. We are part of the SNK Publishing Group that also includes SNK Studios and Radio Results.

Our audio department is growing rapidly and we’re currently looking for a Freelance Creative Copywriter to join us in our London office. We are a leader in audio creative production and have a strong roster of clients including Spotify, Tough Mudder and The FA. We have long lasting relationships with our clients because they trust us and we always deliver.

We produce commercials, podcasts, video and immersive audio experiences. Our work can be heard on radio stations, Spotify and other audio platforms around the world. We’re proud to be a founder member of the IAB Audio Council and a patron of The Radio Academy.

We’ve seen significant growth as a company in the last few years and it’s an exciting time to join us. We firmly believe that the people in our company are our strongest asset and we’re proud to have a brilliant team who amaze us every day. We boast a high staff retention rate and have doubled in size in the last two years.

We have big ambitions so we’re looking for an equally driven individual to join us on the journey. We’re not looking for back seat drivers because in our company there’s nowhere to hide, but if you’ve got passion, drive and ambition you’ll love it and thrive.

Our Culture - Defined By Our Audio Team

We're creative (standard). We're honest and open. A swear jar would bankrupt us all. We're all equal and we laugh at ourselves...and each other. We're unconventional, productive and we do whatever it takes to get the job done. We like burgers. We always make time for each other and our clients. We live and breathe audio. We're all very different and we love that about our team. We like going to the pub...a lot. We praise each other and recognise achievements. We don't quit, we fix. We're kind and caring. We make a difference. We stick together and pick each other up when it's needed. We're people pleasers. We like to dance. We say please and thank you. We're passionate and motivated. We always leave our clients feeling good.

The Person We Are Looking For

You are an audio creative genius that goes without saying. You write scripts that blow socks off and think about long term campaigns and big ideas. You might have some shiny awards sitting on your desk but more importantly you’ll have a boatload of testimonials from happy clients.

You have audio at your core, but you might have a broader range of creative experience. No doubt you’ve tried your hand in a few different areas because you’re constantly adapting to the changing creative landscape.

You are already successful in a similar role having worked as a creative for at least two years.

You’re passionate, ambitious and generally brilliant, a Jedi master of the audio world!

Key Responsibilities

Deliver exceptional creative ideas on every project.

Essential Requirements
Exceptional radio/audio knowledge and creativity. A positive mental attitude. Minimum two years experience in an audio creative role. A good understanding of radio, online audio and the wider media media marketplace.

Salary & Benefits Competitive pay (based on experience) Creative working environment overflowing with talent An extremely talented creative team

This job closed on 21 September, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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