Freelance Creative Writers

A freelance and contract creative job at Soundlogic in Sutton Coldfield, UK
Posted 9 April 2018, 8.40am edt

Sound Logic are one of the busiest Independent Commercial Production Houses in the UK.

With almost 60 Radio Sales Teams requiring great commercial copy as fast as we can write it, Advertising and Marketing Agencies briefing us for both local and national campaigns, bespoke telephone On Hold Messages, website copy, blogs, even airport announcements, it’ll come as no surprise we don’t confine ourselves to ‘normal’ office hours!

We’re effectively a 24/7 operation and constantly require an array of experienced - and please note the word ‘experienced’ - freelance scriptwriters who can work within normal working hours, overnights and at weekends.

Especially the latter two!!

If you have a track record of writing highly creative, successful ads and audio copy and don’t mind when you write it, please send your CV and audio examples of your work to Mark Gilbert, Operations Director, Sound Logic -

This job closed on 23 April, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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