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A freelance and contract creative job at Sound Logic in
Posted 24 September 2018, 8.02am edt


Sound Logic are one of the busiest Independent Commercial Production Houses in the UK and with the recent addition of 5 new Radio Stations’ Sales Teams, we’re busier than ever!

These ‘new’ Stations have arrived on board because they know we write highly effective commercials and, importantly, we write them fast.

Turnaround from brief to script is 24 hours.

Long gone are the days when we confined ourselves to ‘normal’ office hours; we’re now effectively a 24/7 operation and to keep pace with our ever increasing workload we constantly require an array of experienced, and please note the word ‘experienced,’ freelance scriptwriters who can work during the day, overnight and at weekends.

If you have a track record of writing highly creative, successful ads and don’t mind when you write them, we’re keen to see your work. Please send examples to; Mark Gilbert, Operations Director, Sound Logic –

This job closed on 8 October, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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