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A freelance and contract programming job at Fix Radio in London
Posted 3 November 2017, 10.55am edt

Fix Radio is THE station for Tradespeople in and around London on DAB and on all the other platforms you'd expect...

We were born in April this year and have been enjoying a rapid growth in listenership due to the unique service we are offering. We are not a liner station, we don't have a limit on our music database we have fun and we have fun.

I am now looking for seasoned professional presenters with a decent amount of live experience on ILR/BBC who can identify with what our station is about and present programmes that are targetted and therefore sympathetic to our core target audience - probably the most critical audience you will ever broadcast to - on a live ad-hoc basis (no RVT)

Although there are no full time positions available, I do need an army of qualified freelance presenters who could step into the breach at short notice - so being London based is a necessity !

You should be comfortable talking about 'trades related items', sporting headlines and fixtures, have a keen eye on spotting relevant content to put to air and have a bag full of banter that you could deliver on-air at the blink of an eye.

This is not a "way in" to real radio, you will hit the ground running so your vast professional experience will be called on from the please, if you are not time served, do not send a speculative application. previous applicants need not re-apply.

Think you could fit in and join our small but perfectly formed team...?

Then I look forward to hearing from you......Oh...did I mention we have FUN here !!?

This job closed on 30 November, -0001 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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