Funding Manager

A freelance and contract marketing job at Radio Warrington in Warrington
Posted 7 May 2017, 4.17pm edt

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JOB IN RADIO WARRINGTON Assistant Funding Manager

Part Time 10 hours a week. 6-month contract- Self-employed. Flexible working £10 per hour.

Thank you for applying for this exciting job at Radio Warrington.

The role is part time, limited to a maximum of 6 Months.

You will be expected to work for an average of 10 hours per week. In the first few months you may need to work a longer week to meet the aggressive income targets set.

Additional hours used at this time will need to be balanced with shorter working time later into the contract so that, across the 6 months, the hours average 10 per week.

The successful applicant will be self-employed, working on contract to Radio Warrington. You will be paid £10 per hour and this rate will include any applicable VAT.

Local travel to and from work is a contractor’s responsibility, but agreed travel expenses outside of the Warrington area when deemed necessary will be reimbursed.

Although Radio Warrington CIC holds public and employer’s liability insurance, as a contractor you will be expected to provide your own liability insurance where appropriate or required.

Your work plan, deliverables and hours will be agreed with the Funding Manager on a monthly basis.

There will be an initial 2-month probationary period at the end of which either party can review and terminate (if necessary) the contract. Thereafter, the contract will run for up to a further 4-months.

About Us

Radio Warrington C.I.C is a not-for -profit organisation, run and operated by unpaid volunteers. We broadcast on 1332AM and online.

The 24/7 AM and internet service is operated and managed by a growing team of volunteers – 30+ volunteers as of May 2017.

Radio Warrington is funded through a range of income streams – membership subscriptions, advertising/sponsorship, audio services and grant aid. The annual budget to maintain and develop the service is between £16,000 and £25,000 per year.

About You

You will be

  • Comfortable with calling business leads and negotiating advertising opportunities.
  • A keen radio listener and have a working knowledge of the audio market place (radio, online, iTunes, Audible)
  • Capable of working effectively as a self-starter. You will be self-employed, using your own IT tools where necessary.
  • Comfortable with developing and documenting plans and processes to support commercial strategy

The Timetable-

May 7th 2017 Job advert published on the site

May 8th 2017 – May 15th 2017 Applications received. Please send a CV and a covering letter explaining why you are suited to the role. May 16th 2017 Candidate shortlist agreed. Unsuccessful candidates advised by email.
May 17th – 24th May Shortlist candidates invited to an evening or weekend interview (dates to be agreed) May 30th 2017 Directors make decision on the successful and reserve candidates. Candidates informed. Offer made to successful candidate. May 31st 2017 Role offered to reserve candidate if primary candidate declines.

Job Specification

The Assistant Funding Manager’s role is

  • To deliver a sustainable, repeatable commercial plan that once implemented can be sustained and maintained by volunteers.
  • To deliver £12,500 of income to Radio Warrington CIC by the end of November 2017 with the potential of a 2.5% increase per 6 month continuing contract period.
  • To deliver additional income between May 2017 to November 2017 from emerging commercial opportunities.


  • Review (with the Funding Manager), validate and enhance Radio Warrington’s commercial strategy.
  • Selling radio advertising to local businesses.
  • Meeting with advertisers.
  • Applying for funding, meeting with potential funding bodies.
  • Create a project plan to map deliverables against a timeline
  • Secure advertising and sponsorship from around 50 local businesses at a rate of £350 for each annual contract (or £35 per month if paid by monthly standing order. Please note, Radio Warrington is only permitted by law to attract up to 50% of its on-air income from sponsorship and advertising.

  • Establish Service Level agreements with third parties to provide audio services. For example – Radio Warrington is already discussing Radio Advertising Strategy of the New Market Launch with Warrington Town Council.
  • Consider and document other innovative commercial opportunities.
  • Develop a small team of successors from the pool of volunteers who can take on the maintenance of the role once it is implemented and functioning.
  • Document all processes and agreements.
  • Provide handover training/awareness to volunteer teams.
This job closed on 21 May, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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