Insight Analyst

A full-time sales job at talkSPORT in London
Posted 4 December 2017, 11.40am est


Assist the sales departments by providing useful & relevant information for the purpose of generating revenue & provide insight into programming through extensive analysis of audience data.


Produce Bespoke Presentations for Sales teams

A key function for the role is to produce sales presentations for all sales teams including third party companies. You must possess articulate and persuasive writing skills with an ability to create comprehensive and compelling presentations. As part of this it’s important that briefs are taken carefully and discussed with the sales person concerned in order to fully understand the requirements and the purpose of the presentation. It’s important that you understand the detail that is required, the type of information needed and the deadlines.

The presentations themselves should be of the highest quality and adhere to company guidelines in terms of style and design. Accuracy of data is paramount as is the ability to creatively present the numbers and demonstrate new and unique angles that show the value of our products.

Update Presentations and Develop New Sales Stories

Responsible for a number of product categories, you will in the first instance create generic product related slides/presentations. These then need to be kept up to date and refreshed adding new data, new ideas, design etc. that can easily be used by other team members as well as sales. Updating these presentations should happen at least every quarter in line with the release of either RAJAR or TGI data. Priority should be given to those categories that have the highest demand.

Manage ad-hoc Research Projects

Manage pre and post campaign evaluations, including scripting of surveys, analysis and reporting. Supported by an Insight Executive.

Analyse and Update RAJAR Data

Every quarter on the release of new RAJAR data you will be required to input all the listening figures for all stations that we represent on the night of release. In the days after, all presentations, specifically generic presentations and media packs must be updated. You should also take time to familiarise yourself with the data and find the new stories so that you are able to convey the key highlights. Your understanding of RAJAR is crucial, you should have a grasp on how the data is put together and therefore understand the good and bad points of the methodology.

Produce Reports and Analysis from Databases

Using the databases that we have, you are required to regularly produce reports that provide some insight into markets and/or our consumers. These may form part of presentations that you’re already working on, regular reports that you have set up or reports that deal with specific issues.

Generate and Manage Sales leads

All magazines we subscribe to, databases and your general observations are potential sales leads. These need to be collated and sent out to the sales floor with as much useful information as possible. All Sales leads should be centrally stored on a spreadsheet that allows the sales team to update the status and record what action has been taken. In addition to this the sales team should be regularly kept up to date with all forthcoming events and key fixtures. You will be required at times to present these to the floor.

Provide Training and Support on Research Systems

Many of the systems/software we use are available to everyone on the floor, and as such because of the infrequent use by the sales team they aren’t as adept at using them. In such situations we become their first line support and therefore you will be required to answer questions and solve basic queries. These issues can extend to laptops and other equipment.

Source New Research

It’s important that you don’t solely rely on the standard research tools that we subscribe to. It’s vital that effort is made to source data from elsewhere.

Brand Knowledge

Every member of the Wireless team is a brand advocate. It is very important to have a depth of knowledge about what Wireless is up to as a brand and what direction the brand is moving in. Internally and externally it is important to show an appreciation and passion for the brand. Knowledge of programming detail and tone is essential to create solutions that work for both the client and the station. You should be at the top of your game when it comes to in-depth programming knowledge, and ensure you regularly refresh this knowledge

Understanding of the Radio & Media Market Places

In order to present the Wireless case confidently and to generate trust, it is important to have knowledge of, and opinions on the current goings on in the industry, in particularly factors affecting the radio industry. An awareness of current and future advertising campaigns is key to generating leads and creating ideas.

Liaise Effectively Between all Departments Within the Wireless Sales Team

talkSPORT is a cross media sell. In your role you are expected to be a brand leader and support all interaction. It is important to be mindful of the other solutions that lie within the talkSPORT brand portfolio.

Develop IT Skills

Use of various software packages and systems is a key function of the role. It’s vital that your able to use these to an intermediate/advance level and can continually learn new skills and new ways of using them.


Good Organisation & Time Management:

The ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines is crucial to the role. You must be able to prioritise work and deliver results as and when required while maintaining high standards – attention to detail is essential


Ability to work on own initiative and have a have a proactive approach


Excellent communication skills with the ability to understand and interpret data. You must be the calming influence in what might be tense situations.


Graduates, with knowledge/interest in media or experience within relevant media research field

IT Skills:

Good knowledge of MS Office is essential, particularly PowerPoint and Excel.


An interest and understanding in sport and music is essential.

Basic maths and understanding of statistics is key to the role .

Understanding of research tools such as RAJAR/TGI/NMR/Mintel would be an advantage, although extensive training will be provided in all systems.

This job closed on 1 January, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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