A full-time programming job at Bauer Media - Absolute Radio in LONDON
Posted 18 January 2019, 9.04am est


Bauer Media’s Absolute Radio has an opportunity for a talented, creative and personable individual to work in the role of Music Producer in the Programming team based at Golden Square in Central London. The successful candidate will report directly to the Director of Music – Absolute and Magic Radio .

Key Purpose of the Role: To have responsibility for the scheduling of music on digital stations on the Absolute Radio Network with an expectation to craft and deliver music output that reflects the high standards of the Absolute Radio Network (ARN).

Main Duties and Responsibilities: Scheduling of music on digital services as required (ARN). Be part of the weekly playlist meeting. Liaise with record companies on artist promotion and be involved in the weekly pluggers’ appointments. Supervise voice-tracking of shows on digital services as required (ARN). Producing content for digital services as required in the form of music specials, involving setting up interviews, studio producing interviews and creating the finished programme for broadcast purposes. Provide support to all areas of Programming across all parts of ARN. Initiating programming ideas. Reconciliation of all PRS and PPL reports for the whole ARN. Seeding fan sites and social media networks (e.g. Facebook/Twitter) with information regarding content (ARN).

Skills and Competencies: Excellent digital editing skills. Strong ability to supervise and direct on air talent. Strong ability to develop good relationships with Programming team and presenters. Good understanding of the music returns process to PRS and PPL. Great attention to detail. Excellent interpersonal skills. Organisational skills and ability to prioritise different tasks.

Qualifications and knowledge: Excellent knowledge of RCS Selector systems (G Selector an advantage). Excellent knowledge of playout systems (e.g. Zetta/Genesys/Dalet). Excellent music knowledge across all genres and decades. Good knowledge of, and active participation, in social media networks.

This job closed on 1 February, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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