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A freelance and contract marketing job at Fix Radio in London
Posted 14 January 2020, 7.23am est

Fix Radio is a niche radio station targeting UK tradespeople (3 million UK wide). The station is available on DAB in London & Manchester and nationwide via its App and Online. The station offers relatable content, low music repetition and reduced levels of advertising which makes it a suitable fit for tradespeople that are often listening to the radio for more than 7 hours a day.

Fix Radio has a very experienced management team and has ambitions to become the number one route to market for UK tradespeople. The station currently has over 50,000 weekly listeners. Under the same management is Tradesmen Banter (Facebook page with 500k trade followers).

We have a young enthusiastic team and are based in Southwark, near Waterloo. It’s a fun and exciting business that is growing very quickly and is in need of some PR assistance to help raise awareness of the station and grow our listeners base.

Job Brief

Fix Radio is looking for a freelance journalist to help raise awareness of Fix Radio amongst UK tradespeople. We’re looking for someone to help proactively brainstorm newsworthy ‘ideas’ with our radio team, produce press releases and then help distribute them via news publications that would be suitable for our target market (The Sun, The Mirror, The Star, Daily Mail etc.). We would require 1 monthly meeting with our radio team and then external support via phone/emails.


  1. Effectiveness of idea generation. Must be able to help identify newsworthy content ideas that we can execute with our presenters.
  2. Successfully getting our stories in suitable news publications
This job closed on 11 February, 2020 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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