Production Manager – maternity cover

A temporary office job at S2Blue in Manchester
Posted 27 June 2018, 6.10am edt

Do you flap under pressure? ‘Accidentally’ forget to reply to emails? Love and need a regimented 9 to 5 job?

If so, this gig really isn’t for you! We need a calm, cool, straight thinking and hard working dudette or dude!

We’re looking for a new person to join the S2Blue Family as maternity cover for our Production Manager. We would like to think we’re an ace bunch who produce commercials, imaging, voice-overs, music and jingles for our fab clients – ranging from the biggest broadcasters in the UK, advertising agencies and leading eLearning producers to people who just love jingles as much as we do! You don’t have to be a geek, but one is preferred….full training provided if not!

See the thing is, our Production Co-Ordinators and Managers have to be a special breed as they help everything flow smoothly. You’ll be dealing with multiple jobs: script writing, have good banter with people on the phone, quoting, editing, selling, database building, making coffee (don’t worry we all do that – even the MD!) and basically everything in between! You need to love your job, love the industry and love being organised.

So come on don’t get all shy on us – drop us an email, shout about how good you are and, if you’re great we’ll talk.

For more information or to apply email – deadline for applications 20th July 2018

This job closed on 25 July, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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