Production/Programming Assistant

A part-time programming job at Vibe 107.6 FM in Watford
Posted 19 April 2018, 7.16am edt

This job is not paid

Production/Programming Assistants x2

These roles are fantastic opportunities to gain real hands-on experience and would make an ideal university placement. The main objectives of the Production/Programming Assistant position are being responsible for Vibe 107.6 FM's on air sound:

  • Ensure that the station's on air sound meets programming objectives and listener demographics
  • Ensure that the programming for all show timings is accurately maintained
  • Be creative and produce content relevant to the station's demographics
  • Support the Programme Controller
  • Assist presenters in using the studios and play out systems.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Ensure programming for each show is precisely timed through Zetta and plays out accordingly
  • Run reports to make sure shows are broadcast as programme, identifying any necessary remedial action
  • Be the first point of contact for Zetta, GSelector and Airwaves regarding technical issues
  • Make sure that the programming for all show timings is accurately maintained
  • Assist in modifying clocks in GSelector in response to scheduling requirements
  • Assist in the recommendation, sourcing and loading of music and content for all playlists
  • Work closely with Breakfast and Drive, and assist in setting up shows in programming and production
  • Assist producers with creating content, bidding for interviews, scheduling social media and creating a show that targets our key demographic
  • Work with the presenters to ensure the Vibe 107.6 FM sound is consistently delivered
  • Assist in the delivery of outside broadcasts or events in which Vibe 107.6 FM is involved
  • Upload adverts to Zetta
  • Schedule adverts and run reports in Airwaves

You will have a passion for radio and understand the Vibe 107.6 FM sound. You must have the ability to communicate effectively, be able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines whilst paying attention to detail. In addition, it is essential that you are a self-starter, have the ability to work as part of a team and be flexible in working hours.

It is vital that you have experience of using playout software and of broadcasting at some level, as well as specialist knowledge of the theory or practical experience of broadcasting. Ideally you will have an understanding of Watford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans and South West Herts. With regards to qualifications, you must have at least 5 GCSE's or equivalent.

This job closed on 6 May, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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