Radio Channel Producer

A full-time programming job at Immedia Broadcast in Newbury, United Kingdom
Posted 20 April 2017, 10.20am edt

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Channel Producer - Immedia

Purpose: Day to day responsibility for the output of a 16-25 focussed multimedia channel to ensure it meets and exceeds the expectations of the audience and our client.

Key responsibilities: Ensuring each day’s running order for the channel is compiled correctly Liaison with the client on their promotional priorities.
Maintaining a thorough understanding of our clients business and their goals and ideals. Ideas generation Writing and commissioning new production for the channel Ensure the presenters are up to date and have all the information they need before presenting their shows Working with the Head of Content to shape the sound of the output including regular meetings with presenters Input into the playlist process Maintaining the station’s presenter schedules and roster Producing and compiling listen again content Project managing and implementing promotions Listening to output regularly and making relevant changes or suggestions as appropriate

Key Attributes: Energy Passion for creating great audio Passion and knowledge of contemporary music Keen eye for modern trends Organised and detail focussed

Key skills and experience: Experience in radio presentation (ideally) Experience in radio production or programming Experience of using computer based playout systems Extremely competent at digital sound editing Knowledge of Google Docs Video and photography skills (ideally) Social media Experience of working with commercial partners

Key Relationships: Head of Content (Immedia) Head of Production (Immedia) Head of project Social Media team

Measurements: Total listeners/returning listeners/time spent listening to the channel Client Feedback Feedback from within Immedia

This job closed on 4 May, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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