Radio Presenter

A full-time programming job at Radio Indigo 91.9 in Bangalore
Posted 21 February 2019, 7.21am est

Indigo 91.9 FM is the first and longest running international radio station network operating in Bangalore and Goa. Our brand ethos is reflected in our tagline “The radio station for a Fun Young Bangalore/Goa” as the radio station has become an iconic part of the DNA of the cities it operates in Job Summary: We are looking for a dynamic, energetic, new face with a fresh voice who can entertain our fun young Bangalore. Who is willing relocate to Bangalore, India. Prior experience in hosting a Live Radio show on an American Radio channel is essential. Our previous international RJs have been Kenny Jones, currently in Los Angeles, Blair Henyatzen from Canada and Nathan Woerter from Miami, USA.

Skill set: Creates, produces and announces topics on live radio, including the latest music, entertainment, politics, news, weather, sports, traffic ups on the city and other hip and happenings around the city.


  1. Handling the console single-handedly. ( Zetta Interface)
  2. On-Air caller interactions and conducting contests.
  3. Need to be in touch with celebs and notable people and also get them on air for interviews.
  4. Knowledge of latest music as we are a CHR station.
  5. Need to have a quirky on-air personality.
  6. Delivers newscasts; announces radio playlist of musical selections; gives weather and traffic conditions; delivers sports scores, statistics, and upcoming game information.
  7. Comments on music and other matters of interest to the audience (e.g. time, weather, traffic conditions) and may interview musical personalities and members of a listening audience.
  8. Typically specializes in one type of music (e.g. classical, pop, rock, country and western, etc.).
  9. Writes, reviews and/or edits news copy, introductions, public service announcements, commercials, pre-recorded reports, contests, etc.
  10. Participates in promotional events.
  11. May be responsible for operating control board for studios and remote programming.
  12. May directly sell advertising space to advertisers.
  13. Regulates program timing, operates syndicated programming and plays commercials.
  14. Monitors the technical quality and accuracy of incoming and outgoing on-air programming from the master control room.
  15. Protects the station’s license by censoring live programs and deleting words/phrases not permitted on air.
  16. Checks studio equipment for proper functioning and notifies Engineering of technical malfunctions affecting the quality of the broadcast.
  17. Handles emergency inserts (e.g. news updates and breaking stories, emergencies, alert system tests, etc.).


  1. Socially informed and perceptive; up-to-date and in tune with the local and national trends and/or specialized knowledge of topics/events related to on-air discussions
  2. Pleasant, charismatic and well-controlled voice; excellent pronunciation
  3. Ability to make others feel comfortable and open up on air
  4. Excellent writing and editing skills; proficient in grammar
  5. Proficient in media production and broadcast systems
  6. May require selling skills
  7. May require other language proficiency, e.g., Spanish as an added advantage.
  8. Knowledge or RCS, Zetta and G selector would be an added advantage

Work Experience: 4 to 5 years as a presenter on the radio. Education: a 4-year college degree, preferably in Communications or Broadcast Journalism. Location: India (Bangalore)

This job closed on 7 March, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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