Radio Presenter - The Breakfast Show

A full-time programming job at Indigo 91.9 - Bangalore, India in Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Posted 9 May 2017, 3.12am edt

Job: The Breakfast Show Presenter - the face, voice, personality and influencer of brand Indigo 91.9

Radio Station: Indigo 91.9 – the only international music radio network in India based in Bangalore. More about us at We are very active on the digital space; our product IndigoXP is very successful and popular in this part of the world. The only radio station to own a night club called ‘Indigo Live Music Bar’ and ‘Indigo Live’ is our events vertical that curates large format events like music festivals and gigs across India.

Bangalore: The IT capital of India offers a vibrant cross cultural cosmopolitan lifestyle. Certain that any expat will enjoy the lifestyle in Bangalore.

Now the most important question - What is the Pay ?? Considering the fact that the presenter will be moving to another country; we are happy to offer a very competitive pay package and exciting benefits.

This job closed on 5 June, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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