Senior Audio Engineer

A full-time other job at Somethin' Else in London
Posted 15 October 2019, 7.35am edt

Somethin’ Else creates award-winning radio, podcast, TV, social and online content for an extensive and growing range of brands and broadcasters including the BBC, The BRIT Awards, Audible, Amazon, Sky Arts and Red Bull.

We are looking for an experienced audio engineer to work across these outputs. You will have spent a minimum of five years working in a broadcast/production environment and you will have accrued mixing credits on BBC Network Radio programming and dubbing credits on broadcast or online productions. You will have a comprehensive knowledge of delivery standards across all broadcast media.

You will lead the audio department alongside the Head of Post Production and will be expected to train and mentor other team members.

You will possess the following skills:

-Advanced knowledge of Pro Tools. -Extensive experience of multi-contributor studio and location sound records on both speech and music productions including as-live set-ups -Proven track record of dubbing, mixing and sound design -Thorough knowledge of studio acoustic design -Comprehensive knowledge of networking, storage and IP infrastructure -Ability to troubleshoot and brainstorm practical solutions -Strong communication skills -Ability to work well and stay calm under pressure -Meticulous attention to detail

This job closed on 29 October, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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