Showbiz Reporter (12-month Maternity Cover)

A temporary journalism job at Global in London
Posted 7 September 2017, 4.38am edt

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Working across all of Global’s radio brands, the Showbiz Reporter role requires excellent journalistic, communication and administrative skills. The job ranges from live reporting from red carpets and producing two daily news packages for the networks to booking and coordinating celebrity studio visits.

What you'll be doing 

·         You’ll be jointly responsible for booking and organising every celebrity visitor to Global Radio. This involves coordinating with all the different producers to ensure that the schedules work for different presenters and that we make the most of the celebrity’s time with us. 

·         You’ll be one of the the first ports of call for LBC and Global’s newsroom in the event of a major celebrity story breaking. This will include sourcing guests for programmes, recording voice pieces for the news bulletins and doing live interviews with LBC presenters to react to the story.

·         As decided by the Showbiz Editor, you may be required to cover big showbiz events like the Brits and the BAFTAs, as well as big celebrity trials. This will also include providing audio to the newsroom and LBC in advance of and after the events and a large part of the job is anticipating what the newsroom will require in advance and forward planning to ensure the audio is in place.

·         You’ll work under the Showbiz Editor to ensure cover is in place for every relevant entertainment event including premieres and award ceremonies – and will cover many of these yourself. This will include liaising with the PRs in advance of the event, interviewing celebrities on the red carpet itself and editing and distributing audio to the networks afterwards. The job will require a lot of evening work and occasional weekends - you will be able to take time back in lieu in agreement with the Showbiz Editor.

·         You’ll be jointly responsible for producing the two daily entertainment packages for the Heart Network’s Morning News and Nightly News programmes, and liaising with the newsroom to ensure the content works for the group.

·         You’ll be jointly responsible for producing the weekend showbiz packages for LBC London News and the Week In Showbiz roundup that goes out on the station over the weekend.

·         During quieter periods you’ll be responsible for managing your own time and working on future content such as forward planning and obituaries.

·         You’ll be jointly responsible for sourcing guests for the Steve Allen ‘In Conversation With’ show on LBC .

·         You’ll be constantly speaking to representatives of all the major film, television and music companies to organise interviews and forward plan for upcoming opportunities. Maintaining and improving relationships with these people is a really important part of the role.

·         You’ll be responsible for covering many of the film and television junkets, which often involves attending screenings in advance. A large part of the job involves managing your own diary across very busy times of the year involving screenings, interviews and other commitments. 

·         You’ll be responsible for banking audio during interviews for future events and ensuring interviews are correctly organised within folders and easily available when needed.

·         Along with the Showbiz Editor and Head of Artist Liaison and Special Events, you’ll be responsible for liaising with Global Charities to source and organise prizes for on-air giveaways and auctions.

·         You’ll be responsible for communicating with all the journalists, breakfast producers and programme controllers within the group via daily and weekly emails to keep them across upcoming guests and showbiz events.

·         You’ll work with Global’s PR team to ensure good coverage of interviews – both your own and those done by the breakfast shows.

What we expect of you

·         You’ll be available to the newsroom at any time to react to breaking showbiz news.

·         You’ll be constantly across communications as schedules often change at the last minute. 

·         You’ll lead by example in line with Global’s values giving regular open, honest and fair feedback encouraging the development of other team members.

·         You’ll be expected to work flexibly across the whole department when the need arises.

Who you’ll be working with 

-        Showbiz Editor (Charlie Girling)

-        Group Programme Coordinator (Gareth Andrews)

-        Head of Artist Liaison and Special Events (Jo Brock)

-        Group Head of Live Music (Mark Findlay)

-        Managing Editor of LBC and Group Head of News (James Rea)

-        Programme Controllers/ Directors/ Editors across the group


This job closed on 20 September, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.

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