Social Media Manager (Part-time)

A part-time marketing job at The Real Agenda Network in London
Posted 8 January 2020, 4.55am est

Social media savvy and interested in working with a new podcast venture championing political change and compassion in politics? The Real Agenda Network has a new part-time position for a freelancer/intern/graduate Social Media Manager with a strong interest in news and excited by the prospect of driving its new social media campaign.

The Real Agenda Network – the podcast for political change – launched last year, aims to inform, inspire and involve those who want a democratic, inclusive and fairer society that respects human rights and protects the planet. The focus is on fixing the fundamental problems of our time, economic inequality, poverty, low wages, unaffordable housing, public services, infrastructure, climate change and damaged democracy, because that’s The Real Agenda.

In our First Phase, we have focused on creating considerable content – several series, including interviews with high profile names. Now at our Second Phase, our focus is on our marketing and funding campaign. Our Social Media Manager will play an integral part in driving this campaign. Our Podcast Series include: Profit for Purpose: features business leaders talking about leading the change in turning business into a force for good & contributing significantly to a more inclusive and sustainable economy, while at the same time making a positive impact on reducing inequality. The Weekly Wake Up: Each of the four panelists choose a topical issue or news event related to resolving the fundamental issues of reducing inequality, resolving poverty & bringing greater social & economic justice. Hungry, Homeless, Powerless, podcast series from Taxpayers against Poverty

The job will require about 3 hours a day, five days a week (working remotely with regular briefing and catch-up meetings). Initially, it will involve setting up our social media campaigns, and then driving the content. You will be well briefed and be part of a small team working in both North and West London.

The salary for the first three months is: £400pm. This will then be reviewed and increased according to a performance based reward scheme.

Excited? Inspired? If so, get in touch.

This job closed on 22 January, 2020 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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