Station Engineer

A full-time other job at Wireless in London
Posted 6 June 2018, 7.28am edt

JOB TITLE: Station Engineer

DEPARTMENT: Technology


Wireless Group is a leading UK and Irish media company, which is wholly owned by News Corp UK and Ireland Limited.

The group operates 23 leading radio brands across the UK and Ireland. These include market leading stations embedded in their local communities as well as popular national brands such as talkSPORT, the world's biggest sports radio station, talkRADIO and Virgin Radio.

As well as radio, Wireless Group operates a growing digital services division incorporating Simply Zesty and Tibus.

The group is also a leading provider of digital radio broadcasting opportunities in the UK through its DAB multiplex business and operates a successful international division under its talkSPORT brand.

Wireless Group, part of the News Corp portfolio of brands, is a world renowned global media business, so there’s no better place to start or develop your career in media.


Maintenance of all broadcast and associated equipment and services.

Essential Responsibilities:

To maintain, and service where appropriate, all broadcast equipment and services. To prepare Outside Broadcast equipment. To maintain all system and wiring records. To attend and operate Outside Broadcasts as required. To implement small scale projects as requested. To assist operational staff in the use and operation of broadcast equipment. To deputise for the Senior Station Engineer as necessary. Desired Responsibilities

To be able to respond to all requests on own initiative. To engage with operational staff and be able to propose solutions to problems. To take on other responsibilities as reasonably requested


To be able to keep calm and analyse courses of action in all situations. To be able to communicate technical matters to non-technical staff. To be able to appropriately represent the company when dealing with external organisations.

Wireless Group (GB) Limited is an Equal Opportunities employer

This job closed on 30 June, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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