talkRADIO Producer

A full-time journalism job at talkRADIO in London
Posted 30 August 2019, 9.24am edt

PRODUCERS Competitive salary talkRADIO is looking for experienced speech radio producers with great communication skills, excellent editorial judgement and an eye for a story to join the nation’s most exciting speech radio station.   We are currently searching for talented producers, with significant studio experience and a ‘can-do attitude’, providing solutions quickly and calmly whilst being able to convey strong direction to your presenters and production team. 

Your verbal and written communication skills must be second-to-none, as should be your ability to think ahead.  We’re looking for people who can think outside the box, with an excellent contacts book, who are always striving to create output of the highest standard. 

You should have an excellent grasp of social media, and be able to integrate that seamlessly with your day-to-day role, always thinking how best to interact with the listener.     You will have the skills to…

·         Manage the biggest names in radio ·         Devise radio programmes of the highest calibre ·         Attract the very best guests in politics, news and showbiz ·         Go straight to the heart of the breaking stories ·         Integrate talkRADIO programming with News UK titles ·         Manage production teams ·         Ensure shows are compliant ·         Forward plan key events ·         Confidently direct the studio space ·         Exploit all social media opportunities ·         Work to the Programme Director’s brief ·         Integrate S&P seamlessly into programmes

This job closed on 13 September, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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