Technical Operator

A full-time programming job at Global Radio Services Ltd in London
Posted 13 October 2017, 5.56am edt

What will you be doing You’ll have an obsession about LBC, working proactively towards increasing the station’s listening hours and reach at all times. You’ll be firm and clear in your communications with presenters and producers, ensuring that all programme content and technical standards are maintained to the highest level. You’ll be able to operate calmly under pressure. You’ll understand that, as a commercial radio station, you will need to operate in a way that benefits both our listeners and our advertisers.

What we expect of you The role will include responsibility for the on air sound when you are in the studio. You will also support the Producer of the programme and be expected to be across the programme running order before you set up the studio. You will be required to be across all of our studio equipment and how it operates as well a knowledge of all our outside sources. You will have an understanding of our editing software so that you can edit as and when required by the producer. An ability to overcome technical issues in a calm but decisive manner. Clear communication with the producer and the presenter is key as is being able to work in a team and remaining calm under pressure and flexible.

This job closed on 22 October, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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