Volunteer Presenters/Producers & Outside Broadcast Team

A freelance and contract other job at Chesil Radio in Weymouth
Posted 5 September 2018, 3.43pm edt

This job is not paid

Are you a presenter/producer who doesn't mind to giving up a few hours to volunteer for a growing online station? Are you someone who might be interested in getting involved in outside broadcasts in the South and South West of the UK?

Chesil Radio has just celebrated it's 2nd birthday and one of the limiting factors with the station is finding reliable people for the station. We have a small team who have been with us from the start. All our roles are voluntary, we are fully PRS & PPL licenced and we have a full presenter pack that you would expect from a much larger station and we have public liability insurance for both on-air activities and outside events. Yes, we don't just broadcast from home studios but get out in the areas we cover and go live in some fabulous locations.

Are you fed up with syndicated show stations? Chesil Radio has a no syndicated shows policy, so please do not be offended if we turn down your offers for these, which we always get when putting these vacancy roles up.

We are the media partners of the Weymouth Wildcats speedway team and we are looking to develop our sporting offerings on the station, could that be you? We cover all the Wildcats meetings home and away trackside plus a few challenge meetings too, as the 2018 season comes to an end, looking forward to 2019 already and a bigger team at the tracks.

Do you love the 1970s/1980s/1990s music? Chesil Radio is predominately these decades but if you have a particular genre that you think may add to the station in the evenings, get in touch, however we do not play rap, hip-hop, dub-step or grime on the station.

Are you reliable and able to present/produce regular shows from the comfort of your home or go out on location to cover news and current events? Although this is a voluntary role, we will support you and it feels like we are a presenter family.

Chesil Radio wants you!

We are all volunteers at the station, with decades of radio experience on the team already, we are looking for presenters who don't worry about listening figures (although ours aren't bad for an online only station!) and want to do it for the love of radio and music in general.

In accordance with licencing rules we broadcast everywhere except USA & Canada, where we have geo-locked the station, and we focus on the news, events, etc for the South & South West coastal counties of the South West.

We cannot expand further without more presenters and we know our listeners love the station and we have so many opportunities that we are currently turning down. Previous applicants need not apply.

We have a regular breakfast show on the station, which is a slot that often online stations struggle to fill, but we want to build on our daytime programming and also add to the evening content on the station.

We are looking for volunteer station presenters/producers (not voice-linkers!) whether live or pre-recorded. Reliability is the most important thing, as we are happy to work with the right person to help them develop their shows, if necessary.

We are also looking for people who love to meet and talk to local people about themselves and local events. Full training will be provided for this and will initially be accompanied by one of our current team and then hopefully you will be able to fly solo to events we are invited to and represent the station at various events too.

We have professional voice-overs on the station, not in house presenters voicing them. We are mainly presenters and producers but if all you have done is voice-linking, we are happy to help you advance from that for the right applicant.

This job closed on 3 October, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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