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Posted 16 October 2016, 3.35am edt

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The niche nature of many podcasts means that sponsorship can be relatively well targeted; and news reaches me of one such example - a health podcast (about "coping in our crazy-busy, ever-connected modern world") is celebrating a new sponsor, a health supplement.

The press release notes that the presenter, a Dr Ned Hallowell, is a user of this product already; he'll be endorsing it (a "formula for mind, heart and joint health") in podcasts.

Sponsorship like this will enable OmegaBrite to reach health-conscious consumers and attempt to educate about their own particular Omega-3 recipe. It's unlikely to raise desire for the product in people who aren't already taking health supplements, however: and will, I'd expect, be used alongside other advertising.

In the interests of balance, Ben Goldacre has reported on the $2bn industry of fish oil.

Press release

CRN’S Distraction Podcast Welcomes OmegaBrite as New Sponsor

HAMDEN, CTThe “Distraction” podcast, hosted by Dr. Ned Hallowell and produced by CRN International’s Collisions division, is delighted to introduce OmegaBrite nutritional supplement as its new sponsor.

OmegaBrite ( is regarded as the highest-purity omega-3 supplement, which is a vital component to overall health and well-being. OmegaBrite was developed and formulated by Dr. Carol Locke, while on faculty of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Locke is the founder and director of The Center for Creating Health.

“Distraction” was created to help people cope and thrive in our crazy-busy, 24/7 modern world. Dr. Hallowell is a leading ADHD authority, New York Times bestselling author, and a user of OmegaBrite, which provides for a natural tie-in. He will be endorsing the product during the show, starting this month and running for 12 weeks, and conducting an interview with Dr. Locke. In addition to exposure on the podcasts, OmegaBrite will have an online presence on the website.

Podcasts have been growing in popularity, generating loyal and dedicated followers, putting listeners in control to hear episodes when and where they like, and attracting advertisers recognizing the value of this captive audience.

“OmegaBrite is thrilled to sponsor Dr. Ned Hallowell and the ‘Distraction’ podcast as we celebrate over 16 years of helping people thrive and succeed in their daily lives,” said Dr. Locke. “OmegaBrite’s unique proprietary formulation provides the gold standard in omega-3 supplements for people to flourish in today’s busy world.”

CRN’s Collisions division has already developed several shows in addition to “Distraction:” “The Car and Driver Podcast,” with the editors of Car and Driver magazine, and “The Official Sasquatch! Festival Podcast,” providing coverage of the Live Nation music festival. Coming soon are “Stockton!”, hosted by sportscaster icon Dick Stockton, and “Just The Right Book!,” a podcast hosted by independent bookseller icon Roxanne Coady of RJ Julia Booksellers.

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