Asia Pop 40 counts down top 150 songs

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Posted 6 January 2015, 9.57am est

Throughout January, the region’s first and only syndicated radio chart countdown programme, Asia Pop 40, will be counting down the most popular 150 songs from 2014, over five weekly installments.

This year marks the first annual countdown of the top 150 songs on the Asia Pop 40 chart during 2014, based purely on their ranking in the chart and the number of weeks they appeared.

Creator & Executive Producer of Asia Pop 40, Rob Graham, stated: “We have always wanted to create a year-end highlight package of the show, so what better way to showcase 52 episodes, or 156 hours, of programming. We believe this is another first for Asian radio and we’re very proud of that. The audience response after the first episode was terrific.”


The Asia Pop 150 chart of 2014:

  • 16 different songs took out the No. 1 position in 2014;
  • Ed Sheeran achieved the most number of songs in the Ap150 with six tracks;
  • 42 tracks were collaborations;
  • 46 weeks is the longest any single song stayed in the chart (not saying who this artist is!);
  • Sia Furler wrote four songs in the chart yet only one of them is credited as hers;
  • 67 songs by artists from North America;
  • 23 songs by artists from the U.K.;
  • 11 songs by artists from Australasia (including one from New Zealand: Lorde);
  • Eight songs by artists from Europe, all of which are EDM genre.

Apart from airing the top 150 songs of 2014, the Asia Pop 150 will also air interviews with artists (including Charli XCX, Blush, Buck 22, Jolin Tsai, INXS, Sheppard, Samantha Jade, Nick Celino, Guy Sebastian and others) as well as highlights of the year.

The Asia Pop 150 will air throughout January, culminating with the announcement of the No. 1 song for 2014 during on Saturday 30 January, 2015.

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