Australian metro radio revenue up by 12%

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Posted 12 October 2015, 2.53am edt

The commercial radio industry has recorded growth in metropolitan advertising revenue of 12.43% for September, to a total of $70.823 million, according to figures sourced by Deloitte and released today by industry body Commercial Radio Australia.

September figures for the individual markets showed that Adelaide led growth figures, reporting a large increase of 25.98% to $6.607 million, Perth was up 18.02% to $9.711 million, Sydney was also up 12.78% to $21.868 million, Melbourne rose by 8.91% to $21.832 million and Brisbane was also up 7.15% to $10.805 million.

The year-to-date figures show growth across all markets with a rise of 8.82% to $195.544 million. Adelaide was up 16.61% to $18.495 million; Sydney increased 9.76% to $60.436 million, Perth up 8.26% to $26.148 million, Melbourne rose 7.93% to $60.224 million; and Brisbane up 4.95% to $30.241 million.

The Deloitte figures report actual revenue received by metropolitan commercial radio stations and include all metropolitan agency and direct revenue.

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