UK Christian broadcaster attracts 1.3 million listeners every week

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Posted 16 September 2015, 12.24pm edt

Next Radio

The first nationwide audience figures for Britain’s largest Christian broadcaster reveal that 1.3 million people listen every week across all platforms – on air and online.

Audiomonitor figures - announced on Monday at the Next Radio conference at the Royal Institution in London, above - confirm that 2.1 per cent of the UK population listens weekly to Premier Christian Radio.

The Audiomonitor audience figures, which come from the research company AudienceNet, reflect the results of an independent survey of 3,169 people across the country. They are the first statistically representative measure of all UK audio across all formats, genres and devices.

“The Audiomonitor research provides new evidence of Premier’s nationwide popularity,” Peter Kerridge, Premier’s CEO said today.

“We are naturally delighted that so many people are listening to Premier, not only on traditional radio but also online, on their tablet devices and via smartphones.

“We know that Premier gives people comfort and hope at times when they need it most. For many, we are their church.”

Premier Christian Radio broadcasts on 1305, 1332, 1431 AM in London, 1566 AM in Surrey and Hampshire, and nationally on DAB and Freeview 725, as well as online.

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