Free General Election advice sheet for broadcasters

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Posted 20 April 2017, 9.36pm edt

Following this week’s general election announcement, Devaweb has published a free advice sheet to help radio broadcasters stay on the right side of Ofcom’s broadcasting code.

Written by radio consultant and media law expert Paul Chantler, the downloadable PDF document shares information and advice of use to presenters, producers and journalists across UK radio stations.

Paul commented: "The rules about covering elections are taken very seriously by courts and Ofcom. It's important broadcasters understand their obligations. While most BBC and commercial people have a basic working knowledge, it's important to make sure what you know is up-to-date. Community stations in particular need to understand how to stay out of trouble and we hope this guide will help."

Devaweb’s Chris Stevens added: “We know from our work with community radio stations around the UK, rules around election coverage can be complicated, especially for less experienced broadcasters. We’re hoping that this guide will help stations avoid any fines or unwanted publicity!”

The PDF can be downloaded from Devaweb's website.

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