Indianapolis's THE FAN Sports Radio gets another number on the dial

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Posted 6 March 2017, 10.44pm est

Serge Melki

Emmis Indianapolis is expanding its market-leading sports programming to include 107.5 FM. Beginning March 30th, in addition to 93.5 FM and 1070 AM, THE FAN lineup and programming will also air on 107.5 FM.

THE FAN’s favorite local shows, including Mike & Mike, Grady & Big Joe, Dan Dakich and The Ride with JMV, will also be heard on 107.5 FM. Select ESPN programming currently heard on 107.5 FM will be integrated into the increased coverage of THE FAN on 107.5 FM, 93.5 FM and 1070 AM.

Emmis will temporarily reduce power on 93.5 FM while working with the FCC to eliminate potential interference issues. Adding THE FAN’s programming to include 107.5 FM greatly increases THE FAN’s FM band coverage in and around Indianapolis.

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