Listen: New jingles for EU news radio network

From a press release to
Posted 29 April 2015, 6.00am edt

Euranet Plus, the leading radio network for EU news, has started airing a new imaging package produced by BRANDY JINGLES. The Euranet Plus directors trusted their brand to Brandy for a credible and classy sound. The package consists of one main instrumental theme and a dozen mix-outs.

Tom Van der Biest, Brandy Creative Director, says: “It was great to work with a precise briefing that still left a lot of room for creativity. It’s news as you know it whilst sounding fresh, contemporary and recognizable because of its clear sonic logo. We’re also glad we can help the brand sound more consistent by providing clear examples of how to use the provided tools, as many producers all over Europe will be working with the package.”

The new Euranet Plus imaging is used on 15 radio stations all across Europe serving 20 million listeners on a daily basis.

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