Martin Djan leaves Golden Square

By James Cridland for
Posted 23 February 2015, 8.26am est

Martin Djan, known by listeners and employees alike as "Martin from Security", is no longer working at Bauer's Golden Square studio complex. He worked his last day in the building last Wednesday.

Martin - pictured above with presenter Geoff Lloyd - was a fixture at Golden Square's studio complex for twenty-one years, joining the then brand-new Virgin Radio before it launched in 1993. For much of that time, he worked a twelve hour day, six days a week, travelling by tube from his home in North London.

Martin, who is believed to be around 72, was never an employee of the radio station - hired instead by a security firm. However, he was regularly heard on-air and was even occasionally sold as part of an advertising deal. Martin also joined Virgin Radio on their employee team-building weekends, travelling to places like Milan, New York, Dublin and Bognor Regis.

In 2009, Martin was on-air with Christian O'Connell and former breakfast presenter Chris Evans.

At his impromptu leaving drinks on Friday, staff raised around £400. Bauer put in a further £500, and an iPad was also bought for him which contained messages from presenters and staff.

Along with presenter Russ Williams, Martin was the only person to have worked continuously at Golden Square since the launch of Virgin Radio in 1993.

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6 years, 2 months ago

A legend. Has he retired? He'll be much missed I bet...

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