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By James Cridland for
Posted 3 December 2014, 9.13am est

Charles Wagner

Traditionally, our discussion users predict what's going to happen in the year on our discussion boards; and a significant amount of predictions turned out to be true.

In a four page thread posted on Media UK (our former name), discussion readers managed to get the following partially or wholly correct:

Ian Beaumont:

  • Jack FM will see some expansion
  • Pirate FM will launch their first DAB only service

James Martin:

  • Heart finally arrives on at least some of Real Radio’s former frequencies. It’ll be accompanied by a huge marketing drive as befits Global.
  • Magic launches on D1.
  • More mono radio services will emerge
  • The Lincolnshire MUX doesn’t make it on air.
  • Smooth Extra to launch.

Martin Phillip:

  • Global get a slap on the wrists from Ofcom for the lack of local and specialist output in the spirit of the two London small scale licences of Capital XTRA.
  • Smooth to continue as a franchise in the East Midlands, North West and North East to either an offshore company or a friendly group.
  • More networking on Bauer Place stations in England
  • Heart launches in Yorkshire, however as a franchise as Global keep Capital.
  • Celador would acquire Palm 105.5

So - what's going to happen in 2015? Will we see more Heart - perhaps even a Heart Club Classics station? Will Global purchase more stations, or will it be Communicorp going on the acquisition trail?

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