More Brandy - jingle company releases new cuts

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Posted 25 March 2015, 7.01am edt

Brandy Jingles, the Brussels-based jingle company, has added 10 new cuts to the Close 4 You series. Melodic, contemporary sounds and vocals that fit perfectly with the classics. This is the 4th volume in this series, which now includes more than 80 basic cuts.

Diederik Decraene, Managing Director: “Radio stations that target an adult audience want to sound fresh and contemporary. And it’s precisely their honest, modern sound that makes the Close 4 You packages so popular with radio stations from Europe to North America.”

Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director: “We’ve tossed out everything that can make a jingle sound dated. Instead, you hear sounds from today’s music that still match a diverse playlist perfectly. The composition of each jingle, the evolution of the arrangement, are really tailor-made for AC radio.”


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