New live radio studio software released for Windows and Mac

By James Cridland for
Posted 21 October 2015, 7.05am edt


Spreaker, the podcasting and live audio platform, has released a new app for Windows and Mac computers that acts as a mixing desk, phone balancer and radio playout system all rolled into one.

The software includes access to up to four audio sources, including sound effects, Skype callers or USB microphones; as well as encoding and connection to Spreaker's live servers (which can also be used to author a podcast).

Spreaker Studio also exists for iOS and Android devices; the addition of laptop computers will enable more home-based setups to use the system.

Spreaker Studio for Windows and Mac also includes a live chatbox system (so your listeners can leave comments as you broadcast), and integration with Skype for telephone calls. The latter requires a bit of jiggery-pokery with additional software like Soundflower or VB-cable, but otherwise works well.

A highlight of my recent talks has been talking about how the way we make radio has changed dramatically. When I was on-air in the early 1990s, studios and editing equipment were hundreds of thousands of pounds. With systems like Spreaker Studio, making live radio is now democratised to almost anyone who owns a laptop or tablet.

Spreaker starts with a free plan, and has options going up to $120; though most people will probably be fine using the 'broadcaster' model for $20.

USB microphones start from around £15 at Amazon, though you'll probably want to spend a little more.

Press release

Spreaker releases podcasting app Spreaker Studio for Windows and Mac OS X

Users can stream audio live, record and add guests or co-hosts using Skype

Spreaker, the leading podcasting and live audio streaming platform, announces the availability of its audio recording and live streaming app “Spreaker Podcasting made easyStudio” for Windows and Mac OS X. The new application allows users to mix high-quality inputs from up to four audio sources like USB microphones, touch-activated sound effects, intro and exit music and Skype callers into a live or a pre-recorded audio show podcast. This four audio source input support eliminates the need for an expensive audio mixer to record more than one microphone at a time for easy mobile recordings.

Since 2010 Spreaker continues its commitment to building a complete podcasting platform that allows users to create, host, distribute, measure and monetize their audio content. In Spreaker Studio, new podcasters will find a simple console where audio files, sound effects, voice, music and more can be mixed in one place during a live or recorded episode then be encoded and pushed to the podcasters feed automatically. Podcasting pros will find improved integration with external equipment and software, including Skype.

“Podcasting is exploding in popularity, but the tools for creating great spoken word audio content are still too complicated for the general public”, said Francesco Baschieri, Spreaker founder and CEO. “At Spreaker we are streamlining the entire production process to make podcasting as easy as blogging. This app, which features up to four configurable input audio sources and easy Skype integration, gives powerful options to new and professional podcasters”.

A pre-installed set of sound effects and allows users to create a live show or a podcast and have it published on Spreaker’s platform in a matter of minutes. Spreaker also connects with the major audio distribution platform to help podcasters maximize reach.

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 / Mac OS X 10.8 and above Download Link:

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