Nova 100 to broadcast from Hollywood

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Posted 2 December 2014, 5.02am est

Rupert Ganzer

Nova 100’s breakfast team, Meshel Laurie & Tommy Little are celebrating their first year on air with a week of outside broadcasts live from the heart of Hollywood, California back to Melbourne, Australia.

The outside broadcast, from Hard Rock Café on the world famous Walk of Fame, is being facilitated by Los Angeles based multi-media production company Sounds Fishy.

Speaking about the broadcast Mike Cass, Assistant Group Program Director of Nova Network said “Having worked with the Sounds Fishy team whilst still in the UK, I knew their understanding of radio programming coupled with their technical experience and their Los Angeles connections would be invaluable to our broadcast from Hollywood.”

Ian Fish, an award winning producer formerly with Global Radio in the UK, is now running Sounds Fishy in Los Angeles. Talking about the broadcast, Ian said “We are delighted to be working with the Nova 100 team on this project. As a full service multi-media production company our experience in radio, events and video production mean we have been able to provide everything from the broadcast equipment and technical support to video production and on-location services. It’s exciting to be utilising the full range of our services in a live environment.”

The Nova 100 team will stay at the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel right across the street from their broadcast location. Their itinerary involves a packed week of activities including a customized TMZ celebrity tour, a trip to Disneyland and Warner Brothers Studios. Sounds Fishy will be alongside the team all week to capture video content for the Nova 100 website and social media.

Always keen to embrace new technology Sounds Fishy will be making use of the innovative service to ensure the daily three hour show broadcasts back to Melbourne, Australia without a hitch!

Speaking about the broadcast Kevin Leach, Founder of In:Quality, the company behind ipDTL, said "We're thrilled that Sounds Fishy have chosen ipDTL to get the live programme back to Melbourne. The cost saving to Nova 100 on a project such as this is enormous compared to if ISDN had been provisioned on location."

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