Radio Argovia celebrates their 25th Anniversary with new imaging from ReelWorld

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Posted 12 January 2015, 8.43am est

To help celebrate their 25th year, Switzerland’s Radio Argovia turned to ReelWorld One AC for new sonic imaging. Thanks to the updating jingle service, Argovia now has a fresh sound, a new sonic identity and an ever-growing back catalogue of imaging to choose from.

The station’s Head of Production, Marius Fueglister, is delighted with the finished result: “We wanted something extra special for Radio Argovia to celebrate our 25th year on-air, and ReelWorld certainly delivered. The ReelWorld ONE AC package gives us a big sound, now and into the future, thanks to the monthly new jingles. The guys at ReelWorld were helpful and attentive every step of the way and, most importantly, it sounds great!"

The jingles were recorded with Radio Argovia’s in-house vocalist at ReelWorld’s MediaCityUK studios.

ReelWorld One comes in two formats, AC and CHR, and gives stations the opportunity to select a huge starter kit of jingles at the beginning and then receive new jingle themes every month. It’s even possible to build a bespoke package of jingles from the expanding library of hundreds of themes. The updating service also includes monthly updates of beat-mixed intros and produced IDs.

The new package for Radio Argovia follows the delivery of a refreshed ReelWorld One CHR for Planet 105 following their rebrand from Radio 105. In addition to the resings, the ReelWorld production team remixed their current themes, incorporating tuned voiceovers and FX to sit alongside the core package.

Client Relations for ReelWorld in Switzerland are looked after by Paul Fernley from their European studios at MediaCityUK near Manchester. Paul said: “Time and time again ReelWorld ONE proves itself to be an invaluable branding resource for radio stations. The option to have an outstanding jingle package that never gets tired is hard to turn down, as show here in Switzerland. Both packages were great fun to work on and are sounding great when we tune in!"

The ReelWorld One service is already used by major stations in France, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Romania, and the UK as well as across the USA.

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