Radiocentre welcomes new Government initiative on terms and conditions

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Posted 8 March 2017, 8.46pm est

UK commercial radio has welcomed a Government announcement that it plans to bring forward measures to shorten and simplify terms and conditions ("Ts and Cs") that confuse consumers.

The proposals outlined by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the 2017 Spring Budget are expected to be included in an upcoming Green Paper consultation on consumer protection.

While much of this work is expected to focus on written Ts&Cs and subscription offers it also provides an opportunity to tackle lengthy and garbled verbal warnings at the end of some radio ads.

These messages are largely incomprehensible to radio listeners, so fail to provide any meaningful protection or useful information for consumers. Independent research commissioned by Radiocentre found that for financial advertising only 4% of listeners recall the total amount payable immediately after hearing a radio advertisement with a consumer credit offer. In addition 58% of listeners thought terms and conditions were designed to protect the advertiser not the consumer.

The lack of clear and concise warning messages not only fails to protect consumers but also prevents potential advertisers from using radio. This costs the radio industry and advertisers a conservative estimate of £120 million a year in lost revenues.

Siobhan Kenny, CEO of Radiocentre said:

“We look forward to working with Government on improving the effectiveness of terms and conditions, so we can provide better consumer protection and well-crafted messages for our listeners. We are particularly interested in grasping any opportunities that might exist in a post-Brexit world, given that many of the current practices stem from compliance with European Directives”.

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