Radioplayer Car to launch this quarter with live traffic info

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Posted 4 July 2016, 8.21am edt

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Travel for Media has been chosen as traffic data supplier for the new in-car hybrid radio solution coming "over the coming weeks" from Radioplayer.

The digital add-on for older car stereos, offering DAB, FM and streaming of live radio, was announced almost two years ago at the Next Radio conference; the device will be available "this quarter", according to Radioplayer MD Michael Hill.

Radioplayer launched their innovative "service-following" between internet streaming and DAB signals on the LG Stylus 2 DAB-equipped smartphone earlier in the year. If the DAB signal is lost, the phone automatically switches to IP - and then back again to DAB when the signal improves.

The Radioplayer Car product's demo video showed a device that achieves service-following between FM, DAB and IP; as well as a range of useful services to aid the driver, including audio text messages and travel information.

Radioplayer Car is designed to keep radio front and centre in the car. Around 20% of all radio listening occurs in the car in the UK: that figure rises to around 50% in many other countries, including the US, Australia and many parts of central Europe.

Radioplayer technology is also in use in Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

Travel for Media counts among its staff Nick Simmons, formerly of AA Roadwatch and ITIS, and Paul Hutton, formerly of Trafficlink and GTN.

Press release

Radioplayer appoints Travel for Media as traffic information supplier

Traffic information company Travel for Media has been chosen as traffic data supplier for Radioplayer’s new in-car hybrid radio solution. ‘Radioplayer Car’ will be available over the coming weeks, as a smart digital upgrade for older car stereos.

The new system chooses the best platform for any given radio station, seamlessly delivering it to the vehicle using DAB, FM or streaming, meaning drivers keep hearing their chosen station in maximum quality as they travel. By using an app connected wirelessly to the in-car hardware, they can easily and safely swap between favourite stations.

The solution also doubles as a hands-free phone kit, music player, and text reader, as well as delivering groundbreaking tailored traffic information.

By pressing a single button, the driver gets to hear on-demand live traffic information relating to their area and direction of travel. This information is being supplied by Travel for Media, who have worked with Radioplayer and its app developers to deliver a text-to-speech solution based on information from a range of travel information suppliers across the country.

“As a new company, we’re delighted that an operation with the profile of Radioplayer has chosen us to deliver their traffic information solution,” says Nick Simmons, Managing Director of Travel for Media. “We have worked hard to not only secure and deliver the live information, but also to deliver it to exacting customer specifications in a short space of time.”

“We partnered with Travel for Media because they have long experience of handling traffic data, and were willing to work very fast and flexibly,” adds Michael Hill, Radioplayer’s Managing Director. “We are launching our new hybrid radio solution this quarter and having such an innovative on-demand traffic solution on top of our radio and hands-free offering will give drivers another reason to invest in our product”.

Once the hybrid product is launched, Radioplayer and Travel for Media are looking to develop a ‘smart’ traffic warning system where drivers can choose to be given automatic alerts of breaking traffic problems as they drive towards them.

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