#RAJAR: BBC 6 Music posts record figures

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Posted 3 February 2016, 7.01pm est

BBC Radio 6 Music has regained the top spot as the most listened to digital only station in the UK, according to new figures released by RAJAR.

With 2.202 million listeners (from a previous record of 2.19m last quarter and 2.08m last year), the station reached both its own record listening figure as well as the highest listening figure a digital only station has achieved in the UK since RAJARs began.

BBC Radio 4 Extra, which previously held the top spot, continues to be popular with audiences with 2.11 million listeners per week (from a record 2.201m last quarter and 1.72m last year).

All BBC Radio’s weekly reach over the period (21 September to 20 December 2015) was 34.95 million (35.10m last quarter and 34.80m last year) and a share of 53.5% (53.3% last quarter and 52.8% last year).

Helen Boaden, Director of BBC Radio, said: “This is yet another fantastic and well-deserved quarter for BBC Radio 6 Music. With its unique range of music and expert presenters, the station continues to grow its loyal listenership. It’s good to see digital listening to BBC stations in such great health. One of radio’s strengths is its convenience and digital devices make listening even easier.

“The radio industry is flourishing and I’m delighted that the brilliant programming produced by both the BBC and commercial radio stations remains a vital part of people’s lives across the country.”

BBC Radio 1 posted a reach of 10.33 million listeners (from 10.56m last quarter and 10.43m last year) – which rises to 11.36m when listeners aged 10 to 14 are included – while the network’s share of listening was 6.1% (from 6.5% last quarter and 6.6% last year). The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw now attracts 6.37 million listeners per week aged 10+, compared to 6.17m last quarter and 6.31m last year.

BBC Radio 2’s weekly audience was 15.47 million (from 15.38m last quarter and 15.28m last year) while the station’s share of listening was 17.7% (17.6% last quarter and 17.8% last year). The Chris Evans Breakfast Show attracted 9.44 million listeners per week, compared to 9.42m last quarter and 9.60m last year.

BBC Radio 3’s audience was 2.05 million (from 2.07m last quarter and 2.03m last year) and its share was 1.2% (1.2% last quarter and 1.1% last year).

BBC Radio 4 posted a weekly reach of 10.93 million during the quarter (10.78m last quarter and 10.76m last year) and a share of 12.4% (11.7% last quarter and 11.9% last year). The Today programme has 7.03 million listeners each week, from 6.76m last quarter and 6.77m last year.

BBC Radio 5 live posted a reach of 5.59 million listeners (5.53m last quarter and 5.61m last year) and a share of 3.6% (3.4% last quarter and 3.5% last year).

Amongst digital-only stations, BBC Radio 1Xtra had a reach of 982,000 weekly listeners across the period (from 1.15m last quarter and 1.11m last year), BBC Radio 5 live sports extra posted 1.24 million listeners (from a record of 1.73m last quarter and 657,000 last year), and BBC Asian Network drew 563,000 listeners, reporting on a six-monthly basis, compared to 589,000 last quarter and 619,000 last year.

The BBC World Service posted a weekly UK audience of 1.51 million (from 1.51m last quarter and 1.36m last year).

BBC Local Radio reached 8.56 million listeners per week, from 8.73 million last quarter and 8.98 million last year.

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