Sessions announced for Radio TechCon 2016

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Posted 25 October 2016, 7.29pm edt

Solar-powered transmission, ‘Internet-fit’ studios, Software Defined Radio and a masterclass on radio in the car are just some of the sessions delegates will be able to enjoy at Radio TechCon 2016 next month.

The event takes place on Monday, 28th November at the Arts Theatre in London’s West End, proudly supported by Broadcast Bionics.

13 sessions have been announced at, with more to follow. Here are some highlights:

  • The Future of Radio
    Where are the current trends in radio and online audio leading to? What will radio be, and what might it sound (and look) like in its 2022 centenary year and beyond? Hear the findings from a major research project from Nicky Birch, commissioned by the British Library.

  • Software Defined Radio: Mini Masterclass
    The technology powering the recent Small Scale DAB trials is getting cheaper and smaller. This session takes you from beginner to SDR expert in minutes and presents exciting new developments.

  • Solar Powered Transmission
    Oil prices are high and sun is plentiful; could it be feasible to run your transmitter off solar energy? Hear how one team is attempting this in South Sudan.

  • Internet-Fit Radio
    Hear from the team behind a major BBC project to turn the studio into an object-based audio machine, with the aim of taking content way beyond basic visualisation to become truly ‘Internet-fit’.

  • Under the bonnet of in-car radio
    A significant portion of our audience comes from in-car listening. What can you do to ensure it's the best possible experience and what does the future hold for this popular listening environment?

More sessions to be announced in the coming days. A full current session list can be found at

Tickets are on sale now, with prices starting from as little as £125 + VAT (Radio Academy membership discount rate).

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