US stations have 45 days to switch their satellite setup

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Posted 15 May 2017, 7.58am edt

Stations to Go Dark if Not Migrated to AMC-18: T-Minus 45 Days and Counting

In 45 days, radio stations around the country will lose all radio network programming from all major companies if they do not re-aim their satellites from AMC-8 to the new AMC-18 at 105 degrees West Longitude.

All radio stations currently receiving programming from AMC-8 will have until June 30, 2017 to re-point their downlink antennas (dishes). At that time, AMC-8 will no longer serve as the radio network “neighborhood,” and there will not be a suitable replacement satellite at the 139 degree position. It has exceeded its design life and is not being replaced by an equivalent C-band satellite at the same location.

The five major commercial radio networks - Learfield, Orbital Media Networks (OMNi), Premiere Networks, Skyview Networks and Westwood One - now have their full complements of satellite-delivered programming available on their new frequencies on AMC-18. This also includes programming from syndicators who lease their satellite time from these five companies.

It is imperative that stations have a plan in place and conversations with their technical teams. Engineers and parts may become scarce as the June 30 deadline fast approaches.

For more information, including satellite vendors, a full list of frequencies for each network, or technical questions about satellite settings, visit

Stations in need of vendors to re-aim their dishes can visit

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