An Idiot Abroad

By Lella Poulgouras
Posted 22 May 2016, 4.58am edt

Hi , I am a huge fan of the tv show " An idiot abroad" and recently I was on Netflix and saw that it was replayed which bring me here, It was and still one of the best Tv show that ever exist and why did it stop ? I mean the excuse was that it will be too repetitive but now after 4 years , they should do it again. Karl Pilkington is one of the best "real" character , and the funniest also. Watching this show was making me laugh and made me want to travel all the time , I really miss it ..
anybody agree with this ? ( sorry for my english )


3 years, 6 months ago

Karl moved on to another travelogue for Sky 1'The Moaning of Life' which is worth watching.

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