Are Weddings the most Entertaining TV Format

By Elizabeth Williams
Posted 28 June 2022, 10.37am edt

Recently as part of my research into Weddings and Entertainment I have been viewing various programmes that feature the fun and joy along with the anxiety and disappointment that couple experience when preparing for their wedding. Themes, decorations, trends, attire, food and many other aspects of the marriage process are covered at great length but in amongst the serious business of planning are some stand out shows that are highly entertaining.

Wedding Entertainment

When it comes to planning the evening party and what wedding entertainment ideas to consider there are plenty of out-takes and bloopers showing mistimed First Dances, classic moments of slip ups on the Stage,

Perhaps of all the entertaining insights into the celebrations is where bloopers are captured and show the sheer ridicule associated with many wedding traditions - cutting the cake, elaborate entrances, catching the bouquet - they are all here and many more hilarious moments captured on video - some funny and sometimes terribly awkward wedding ceremony and wedding reception fails and video blooper clips compiled for you!

Wedding Dress Disasters, Curvy Brides and Say Yes to The Dress give a truly astonishing look into the unashamed indulgence that some Brides to be have. As the over enthusiastic presenter tells us "large or small our Brides try them all - - let the fittings begin"

Now That's Entertainment!

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