By nikola tomasevic
Posted 9 January 2018, 1.08pm est

I am Nikola Tomasevic, born in 1956 and I live in Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia. I regularly tune in your broadcasts for more than 15 years and until now I have considered Eurosport to be the best European sports channel, especially when it comes to tennis and winter sports.

But, unfortunately in the last couple of years, it has begun to change. Please, take this as a well-intentioned criticism in order to improve the program, because that is why I write this letter.

As I have said, in the past few years the program has started to fail since the huge increase in the number of commercials. Sometimes it feels like those commercials are more important than the broadcast of sporting events, because often due to commercials you tune in after the event already started. Also, the commercials have become too long and they repeat so much that it has actually become counterproductive. I am referring specifically here to the constant repetition in the last 6 months of success of Federer and Nadal on the grand slams last year. Namely, this is repeated ad nauseam so that every true sports enthusiast becomes mildly repulsive. For example, if you are eating the same dish that is given to you every day, so that after a while you will be fed up.

My second important remark is related to the broadcast of Alpine skiing, which in recent years has gone completely sidelined when compared to ski jumping and biathlon. Do not get me wrong, I am a big fan of ski jumping, but you replay the same event so many times as if there was nothing else to broadcast.

The last example of this happened on January 7, 2018. In the first international program at 9:15 am instead of the live broadcast of the first run of the women's slalom from Kranjska Gora, you gave a replay of jumps from Bischofshofen. You did not show the replay of at least the first 15 competitors in the first run, you only broadcasted the second run. I really can not understand that the replay of some competition is more important than the direct broadcast of another one. This especially when considering that alpine skiing is very popular, i.e. not less popular than ski jumps.

I would ask you if you were kind enough to explain to me briefly what caused these failures in the hope that in the future this will not happen anymore. I understand that you must have priorities when two sporting events are played simultaneously, but I cannot understand that the replay of one is more important than the live broadcast of another.

Sincerely yours,

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