How to get work as an entertainer on TV and other entertainment gigs?

By Elizabeth Williams
Posted 15 April 2020, 12.34pm edt

How can I become an entertainer?

Qualifications may not be essential if you show enough talent at an audition.

Entertainers look for work in a variety of ways - from local posts online, through talent agencies and more recently organisations that have dedicated websites listing auditions and opportunities to find work locally and around the world.

Here you can find jobs as an entertainer

Other ways to improve your chance of getting the best jobs are:

  • a college or drama school course.
  • volunteering with local groups.
  • applying directly to venues.
  • advertising in wedding magazines (lots of singers and musicians find work this way)
  • specialist courses run by a private training organisation.

You could do a degree in a relevant subject like: contemporary theatre and performance, acting, music, comedy, circus skills

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