Now TV

By James Martin
Posted 18 April 2016, 7.43pm edt

I remember JC did a really good review of Now TV in its infancy but I think it was pre-rebrand.

I've bought one of these recently, mainly for the bedroom where my TV is not smart and at £15 it's easier than arsing about hooking the laptop up to the telly for a bit of iPlayer.

I did, however, use it yesterday to get a day pass for the Leicester City game. How come the game itself was decidedly SD, but the ads were 720p?


3 years, 7 months ago

No idea why the match appeared to be downscaled.

What I've found is the 60Hz refresh rate on those NOW TV boxes can make the picture not look as good as it should be with slight motion judder, although some viewers don't notice this.

Fortunately they do have some completable devices which have the correct refresh rate, such as the Apple TV, Chromecast and if you have an LG Smart TV or Smart Blu-Ray player.

There is also a new Smart Box which has Freeview built in which should also have the 50Hz refresh rate to meet Freeview spec once it's released later this year.

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