Story Producer, Holby City

A full-time programming job at BBC (Studios - Scripted) in Elstree Centre, United Kingdom
Posted 7 September 2017, 9.46pm edt

Holby City is BBC 1’s BAFTA award winning Medical Drama Series transmitted on BBC One at 8pm every Tuesday, with an average audience of 6 million viewers a week. Holby deals with the professional and personal lives of the surgical staff at Holby City hospital and the patients whose lives they touch. Based in the Cardiothoracic, General Surgery and Acute Admissions departments of Holby City Hospital, we offer a backstage look at the working environment of people who get to play God every day and ask whether you can make a success of your career and your life in a profession that demands everything.

We need a Story Producer to develop, realise and communicate editorial vision for the programme.

This job closed on 24 September, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.

This job was reposted from BBC Careers

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