Researcher, Primates

A full-time programming job at BBC (Studios - NHU) in Bristol, United Kingdom
Posted 6 February 2018, 1.58pm est

Primates is a BBC One/PBS/BBC Worldwide co-production. 3 x 60’. Delivering in Dec 2019.

BBC Studios The Natural History Unit is looking to recruit 2x Researchers for Primates - the definitive series on this amazing animal family. Using the latest camera technologies to film primates in new and exciting ways, taking the audience into their world, revealing the entire family in more detail than ever before.

Monkeys, apes and lemurs make up the Primates – the extraordinary animal family which we belong too. With over 300 species - they come in a staggering variety of shapes and sizes - from colossal gorillas to finger sized mouse lemurs. Primates are adaptable, emotional and intelligent, they’re found in every conceivable environment, from deserts to jungles, freezing mountains to parched savannah. They use tools, self-medicate, and have complex communication. They’re thoughtful, caring parents, form long term relationships; they’re political, scheming and even fall in love. All this combines to make an incredible and fascinating animal family, full of surprises.

The series follows the format, tone and style of BBC One’s Big Cats. The first two, blue chip, episodes will focus on amazing new behaviour, whilst the third episode explores the science and conservation of primates.

Subject to greenlight the successful applicants will start in late March early April, working on the production through to late 2019.

This job closed on 20 February, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.

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