Self Shoot Camera Crew, Camera Operators, Film Editors.

A freelance and contract creative job at Freelancer in Bristol, London, Reading, Swindon
Posted 14 June 2017, 2.58pm edt

We are looking for a number of professional, semi professional, and student film makers and editors for paid freelancing on our short documentaries. 4-6 minutes.

Due to the level of jobs we work on, we consider anyone with a creative mind and who has a basic knowledge of film making. You don't even need kit, you can use ours! If you have kit, great, tell us what if you apply.

Ideally, candidates would be based within travelling distance from Swindon, Wiltshire, many of our films are shot on location there.

Filming Assistants/ Camera crew.

Filming will include a day's shoot or possibly two days, depending on the job and freelancers will be paid per job at a flat day rate.

We use Panasonic G7 Micro Cameras, Go Pro, Canon 70d and a number of audio modules on these projecfts. So this is very easy. Full broadcast or full frame cameras are great if you have one, if not we do.

You would be able to think fast, work fast and generate brilliant and arty documentary style filming shots, along with photography and macro video shots.

We can edit the rushes or you can.


We can only consider editors who have extensive knowledge of post, i.e. working with music, mastering, editing, timing, voice overs, narration, e,q and so on. A feel for music and a real passion for how important it is, is an absolute must.

Your experience

You could be vlogger, a short maker, an editor, a Youtuber, a professional film-maker or work in TV. If you work in corporate, this might not be for us, unless you can show a huge level of dynamic editing and TV level production value. You must also understand comedy, emotion, editorial contraints, and have the abilty to amend a script / story if the edit process requires it. Above all you are fast.

What we care about are people who care about the end result. People who understand how to work from a script but no story board, people who will make a shot list and get it done.

Interested or know someone who might?

Great, forward them this ad, and get them to send their reel to our email address, we only want published YouTube or Vimeo Links, and with each reel, we would like to know what you did, how you did it and what role you played.

Important: - Logistically, we are looking for people no more than 1 hours drive, commute time, from Swindon, so this is a MUST before applying for either or both positions.

This is the easiest job in the world for the right people, so lets get cracking. Send us your stuff and we can reply with more details on what we do, to see if it interests you.

Please excuse the gmail address which we are using for confidentiality.

This job closed on 3 July, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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