Senior Programme Manager (Media Transformation)

A full-time management job at View TV Group in Twyford
Posted 10 December 2019, 4.21am est

View TV Group broadcasts own and other owner’s channels on the platform for smart TVs, set top box and any internet-connected / mobile devices and monetises own and customer's content through sponsorship and programmatic advertising. We are working with corporate household names in TV and news media, Telco and broadcast corporations in the UK and US, disrupting the old ways of high-cost, low quality broadcasting. This is an exciting time to be part of View TV Group. This full-time role will be based in the Tywford area but will be managing a varying portfolio of programmes derived from broadcasting, TV and radio across UK, USA, Australia, Europe and other English-speaking countries. You will have worked in a disrupter environment before, preferably in TV, radio or press and have the experience to take that type of organisation to a more stable project-based BAU status The responsibilities of the role include;  The Programme Manager is essentially responsible for the ongoing management on behalf of the SRO (Senior Responsible Owner) to ensure that desired programme outcomes and objectives are delivered  Directing, managing and overseeing internal programmes / projects including: channel content management, channel onboarding, channel integration onto our kapang platform for channels migrating from other TV platforms e.g. Sky / Pluto (>50 in UK, >80 in US by end Q1 2020) and demand partner onboarding (programmatic demand management)  Directing, managing and overseeing subcontractors or critical subcontracted systems for all contract types and programs including; apps development  To initiate, plan and set goals for programmes / projects / portfolios according to the strategic objectives of the business from end to end involving deadlines, milestones and processes  Establish benefits management to ensure programme, project or portfolio implementation provide integrated financial and qualitative benefits to meet business goals  Ensure appropriate programme and project management frameworks are in place e.g. MSP, APM, PRINCE2 and are functioning at appropriate capacity and effectiveness  Manage budgets, including risk allowance and contingency planning  Appraise options and submit for approval where appropriate The experience we are looking for include;  Ideally require a relevant Bachelor's degree from an accredited university. We will also consider individuals with equivalent experience / combined education  Previous experience of delivering programmes in different countries e.g. UK & US concurrently and managing internal project teams and subcontractors in multiple countries  Previous experience of delivering programmes / projects relating to development and integration of media systems and operations, including OTT TV  Previous experience of delivering programmes / projects relating to the implementation of apps for TV and radio e.g. iOS, Apple TV, Android, Firestick, LG smart TV, Samsung Tizen smart TV  Demonstrate commercial awareness and capability for scope, risk and opportunity management, quality management practices and processes  Strong knowledge of Earned Value (EV) techniques

This job closed on 20 December, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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