TV Political Correspondent

A full-time journalism job at That's TV - Freeview channel 7/8 in Oxfordshire, Cambridge, Manchester, Thames Valley, York, Carlisle, Surrey, Salisbury, Scarborough, Solent & Hampshire
Posted 30 July 2017, 7.15am edt

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Are you the next Robert Peston or Laura Kuenssberg?

That's TV controls 12 of the licenses awarded by Ofcom to deliver local TV on Freeview channel 7 (recently vacated by BBC Three) or Freeview channel 8. That's TV was recently shortlisted in the Royal Television Society Southern Awards and is now seeking to build on its reputation for breaking news and political investigations by appointing dedicated Political Correspondents across its network.

You will be a multimedia journalist capable of unearthing, reporting and analysing the latest local authority and other political stories objectively in video (to a broadcast standard) and in print (via social media, news and blog posts).

You will be expected to focus your reporting on local council decision-making so you will be passionate about local politics and committed to making contacts and researching stories.

Your goal will be to report on major council decision-making and other public services in a compelling way and to explain the impact of these decisions on the public.

That's TV revels in big exclusives. Your video news stories will be made available to the BBC under the terms of the local TV news supply arrangements so your best stories will also be picked up by other major news organisations.

This is an opportunity to break important news stories - and your career as a TV political reporter - working as part of a great team delivering compelling local news.

This job closed on 27 August, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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