TV/Video Content Manager and Archivist

A full-time digital job at View TV Group in Twyford
Posted 9 December 2019, 10.25am est

View TV Group produces entertainment TV and VOD content and broadcasts own and other owner’s channels on the platform for smart TVs, set top box and any internet-connected / mobile devices and monetises own and customer's content through sponsorship and programmatic advertising. The group also produces and broadcasts http://rathergoodradiocom and http://vintagemusicradio.comn DAB across London and the South East and globally online and via mobile apps and streaming via the website.  This is a full time role with the responsibility for the day-to-day running of content management in a very busy & growing TV broadcaster. There are a defined number of programme formats that are produced for View TV group and for customer channels.  Manage content, which can take any form: text, video, images, graphics, memes, interactives and their metadata - content may be editorial or advertising in nature  Build day-to-day working relationships with content providers and key suppliers including ensuring content technical and delivery requirements are conformed to  Manage the MAM and other repositories for content configuration management, ingest, metadata, storage, protection and archiving  Coordinate with the Channel Managers to ensure their content management requirements are fulfilled and deadlines are met  Collect and analyse metrics for performance, engagement, revenue growth and profitability  Present scenarios from the analysis; paint the big picture for management reporting while having the ability to drill down to the lowest level and making recommendations

Our ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate the following;  Experience in Digital Media, Moving Image Archive Studies or operations, Business Management or related field e.g. communications or marketing  Minimum 5 years of professional experience with Broadcast & Digital media (useful to have but not critical - all social platforms Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube)  Understanding of and experience in the creation, maintenance and long-term integrity of entertainment film archives and metadata  Experience with digital / TV production and skills with data analysis  Working knowledge of professional post-production software such as Adobe Premier Pro, FTP and a working knowledge of MAM systems.

This job closed on 17 December, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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